Experience and continuous adaptation in the pursuit
of value for agriculture, livestock and industry

More than a hundred years of history

More than a century of experience and continuous adaptation in the search for solutions has positioned us as a leading firm, a benchmark in our sector for capacity, integrity and professionalism, showing that the future belongs to the pioneers….

Muns began its activities in 1890. It is currently the 3rd generation who drives since 1967 focusing on three aspects:

  • Animal feed: valorization of agricultural and agroindustrial by-products.
  • Fertilization and agricultural management: recycling of waste and organic, agricultural, livestock, agroindustrial and urban by-products.
  • Energetic valorization of organic by-products.

Professional team

Cohesive and committed to company values. In pursuit of the best solutions for our customers. With critical spirit and constant innovation.


22 employees from three different nationalities. 100% permanent contracts


We strongly believe in the social need to recover the value of everything that has been already used, focusing on the ORGANIC MATTER VALORIZATION. We defend the professionalization of the activity ensuring its REGULATORY COMPLIANCE in a SUSTAINABLE way over time.

The organic matter and nutrients contained in waste products and by-products that we manage, can be reused in agriculture, livestock and energy, replacing fossil or mineral raw materials, reducing their environmental impact. It’s CIRCULAR ECONOMY and we watch over to make it possible with appropriate TECHNICAL RELIABILITY, in a TRANSPARENT and PROFITABLE way, and preserving the interests of our customers, public institutions and society in general.