Pioneers in new applications

Muns, since its inception, has pioneered the development of its different activities. Has accessed to territories where no one had entered before Our culture of innovation has become the main lever of our development, growth and value creation. The continuous pursuit of creative solutions identifies us. The COLLABORATION with research centres is essential in this task IRTA, CTFC, UDL.



Rumifeed Project

New line of feedingstuff production from agricultural by-products, by means of a controlled fermentation, stabilization and preservation process.


New work line concerning to the valorization of lignocellulosic agricultural wastes for heat generation.

AntiOx / Tannins / Raw Sulphur Project

Several studies concerning to the best ways to valorize agroindustrial by-products to obtain specific functional materials.

Information Technologies

To ensure excellence, we look for the best available technologies. We seek for the speed and reliability of the enormous amount of information that we manage, and which we put at our customer’s service. Technology provides us a rigorous and transparent data analysis, and allows us to offer reliable conclusions. We endow ourselves with a great adaptation ability to the increasingly volatile environments, and with a high security standard. It helps us to integrate and strengthen COOPERATION and TEAMWORK.