Animal Feeding

Alternative ingredients to traditional raw materials


Industrial manufacture of human food generates a huge quantity of waste and by-products whose, correctly managed, could become an extraordinary alternative source to feed certain species of farm animals. Their format and presentation, as well as in many cases their seasonality and production irregularity, are the main difficulties for their use which necessarily requires an appropriate preparation. Moreover, its use and handling is subject to specific regulations to be observed, joined by good practices and companies’ professionalism, whose shall ensure the food adequacy of such materials.

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Muns has specialized for fifty years in vegetal by-products from agroindustrial origin. We determine this products suitability through a strict protocol that, once overcome, allows us to settle the most appropriate commercial logistics management depending on their origin, their presentation and their potential consumer. Capacity, traceability, regulatory compliance, food and logistic safety define our identity features.

Food safety


Regulatory Compliance

ISO 14001


Sustainable, corporative
and ethic development

Uninterrupted supply


We have supply agreements with many producers in different geographical areas, what allows us to chain agricultural campaigns.


We fit the by-products production rate to customer’s consumption, thanks to our warehouses’ huge storage capacity.


To ensure the effective and timely supply, we are equipped with our own software, which can plan deliveries, adapted to the of customer’s pace consumption.

Wet products

Dehydrated products